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I’m Johnny Wyatt, the lead connection agent at The J3 Effect: Speaker, writer, photographer, entrepreneur. I love my God and my country. I find great joy in the people who call me Honey, Daddy, and Poppi at home. I’m deeply thankful for my collaboration partners at J3. I value my personal and marketplace relationships. I love to learn. I crave a mountain hike, with camera at the ready. Also high on the list, I enjoy a meaningful conversation, especially at some nearby Starbucks. I collect friends, some of mine, the best a man could ever hope to have.

Internet Marketing Was Becoming Mainstream

In 2007 When I incorporated the J3 Effect, Internet Marketing was on the cusp of becoming mainstream. I was among those who believed the internet was here to stay. I dreamed that we could help small to mid-sized businesses In the Tucson Area be effective with their internet marketing efforts. It didn’t happen over night, but today, we are living that dream. When you examine businesses we serve, you see that is so. Their websites see lots of traffic. Their Social Media connections grow every month. Their mobile responsive websites rank 1st-page-high for Google’s organic search results.  We also help out with Search Engine advertising as well as Social Media advertising. Those advertising campaigns, also effective, produce even more activity. Phones are ringing. Revenues, in most cases, exceed many times the investment they make.

It May Make A Lot of Sense to Outsource Your Internet Marketing

If you need to build just one piece of your marketing system, we help you build it. Do you need a total marketing makeover, we will roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Once we tune up the pieces of your marketing system, we link them all together. We integrate everything into a massive digital footprint that makes you searchable on Google and visible to your target audience. Once everything is up and running, we help you effectively manage your system. You are busy. You have a business to run. Your J3 Business Success Team pitches in to take the stresses of managing your marketing system off your shoulders. We stay personally in touch with you. Each month, we report the strategic statistics that keep you in the know. We partner with you to grow your business.

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