The Who, Where, What, How, Why and When of Internet Marketing

A new semester had begun. This was the first day of his class on Internet marketing. Dr. J. R. Wiggins, professor of marketing, at One Fine University crashed through the door of his class room at the sound of the bell. He shouted, “Good Morning Class.” SIX Important Things You Need to Know About Marketing…The […]

Marketing Truth #3 – MANY people DO KNOW YOU EXIST

MANY people DO KNOW YOU EXIST…Your friends, customers, vendors, and suppliers have told them about you. It might go like this if, for example,  you are a dentist. Sally says to Jane, “What are you doing today, I’m taking both of my kids to the dentist.” The conversation trails of into five minutes of  “Oh […]

How to Find People Who Aren’t Looking For You

Imagine the million or so people who reside in Tucson Arizona. Tall people, small people, pretty women, handsome men, smart, dim, fat, slim. Many of them could use your services and your products. But the truth is, they don’t know you exist and THEY