How to Share Something on LinkedIn

This post is about how to share something on LinkedIn. ALSO, below, there is a bonus insight about the remarkable difference between the purpose of your LinkedIn Homepage and Your LinkedIn Profile. First let’s talk about how to share. Click on “Home” this brings up your LinkedIn Home Page where you: 1) Share something, 2 […]

Why Your Business Needs Facebook

Between classes, Wiggins took a  break in the shady courtyard that graces the East side of  the School of Business. A few students gathered around. They wanted to hear more about why your business needs Facebook. “OK, I’m going to tell you something I believe is true, even though I can’t prove it. Sally, the […]

Two Things Not Possible Before Social Media

Two things, are now possible, that have never been possible before. Society has been swept off its feet into a new era. Clara Shih calls it the Facebook Era, Erik Qualman, Socialnomics. Some call it Web 2.0 and some simply call it Social Media. Call it what you will. It’s huge.  It’s swift. It’s far-reaching. […]

Your Company Has A Social Graph

Every Company has a social graph: People you know and the people they know. · Your customers and the people those persons know. · Your vendors and the persons these people know. · Persons you know who also serve your target audience in a different way than you do. · People you and your people […]