Content Development

Not just content, powerful, remarkable content!

As they say, facts tell, but stories sell. Stories about the people who make your company different from every other company on the globe. Such stories set you apart. They are more powerful than any other differentiator you can identify. The important values, and services you emphasize which other companies don’t should also be highlighted, but once again, a narrative paints that picture more clearly than any other approach.

Stories are far more relational.

They never feel like you are talking down to, but sharing with the reader!

There is no better way for people, who have never met you, to instantly feel as though they know you, like you and trust you. There is no more human way for people to detect that you are different in ways that are truly important to them. It makes your competition disappear. No longer is the price the only thing that matters.

•The J3 effect helps you create your story.
•We work with you to develop publication calendar.
•For each story…
•Locate and purchase graphic to accompany the post
•SEO and ready for posting.