Internet Marketing That Works

internet marketing that works

Internet Marketing That Works!

If I were to say to you, “Your marketplace is a place that changes constantly.” You would probably say, “DUH!”. But, what if I were to say there are seven things about your marketplace that never change? To that you might say, “Hmmm, tell me more.” Well, In this section of our website, where we focus on the practical basics of marketing, we are going to say that there are seven things that have always been true and always will be true about your marketplace and mine. Combined, they equal: internet marketing that works. Here’s a list of the seven things we are going to talk about on these pages..

  1. You Own Two Companies
  2. There are Three Pillars of Marketing you must put in place
  3. You Must Choose Your Target
  4. Five Different Kinds of People represent Your Target Audience
  5. Stories and Pictures Sell Your Brand Best
  6. You must change because the Marketing Methods, Means and Media of marketing do change….constantly it seems!
  7. Finally, You and I must ratchet up our courage and Just DO IT!

Why would we talk about these things that never change? Because to keep steady in a fast changing world, it helps to remember what’s permanent. What’s permanent provides a solid foundation on which to stand as you flex and adjust to things that constantly change.

Of these seven things that never change, I believe one of them matters more than the others.

Have you heard of something we might call the “hidden element?” Basically, the idea is this. For many things in life there are obscure truths, seemly small things that make a big difference. For example many people smarter than myself believe and say that “You should write out your goals.” It’s one of those small things that makes a big difference. You could say it’s a “hidden element” because most people don’t see it or do it.

I believe that one of the seven things about marketing that never changes is one of those hidden elements. It has to do with who you are as a person. Of the seven, I believe it is the most important. I believe it is the key truth if you want to do internet marketing that works.

Internet Marketing that Works and Your Unique Value Proposition

Every marketer worth salt starts with what’s unique about your brand. You hear terms like key differentiator(s). or Unique Value Proposition. When marketers use these words, they usually refer to things like your location, ways you are equipped, or proprietary procedures and special benefits you offer your customer that set you apart from others. I’m not saying these things aren’t important. On the contrary, we at J3 would say that it’s essential that you identify these things when you craft your marketing initiative. I’m just saying that this exercise may not go far enough.

The Super Differentiator

There’s a deeper level of uniqueness that most business people seem to overlook. Something more human, more relational, and as result, more powerful. This super differentiator is so powerful that when a new ideal prospect for your product or service sees it, your competition becomes invisible to them. That super differentiator is WHO you are.

The big idea. “You don’t have to stand out from everybody to everyone. You need only to stand out in the right way to the right people.” When the message about WHO you are becomes clear, it makes you stand out from your competitor in ways that matter most to people. So, how do you make that message clear?

Internet Marketing That Works Through the Power of Story

You tell your story. Because stories and pictures sell your brand best.

I’ll use myself as an example. Here’s a story I might tell.

Some people talk about how they will dominate their marketplace. They set out to crush their competitors. Well, I don’t feel great about saying things like that. Some of my competitors are also my good friends. Even if they weren’t, it doesn’t sit well with me to think about obliterating them. Perhaps it goes back to the “Love your neighbor” teachings I received growing up and still believe to be best practice for living life well.” So, I looked for a better way to think about my marketplace and how I would find massive success in it. Sometimes I think out loud when I’m trying to think something through. I was working on this issue one day when I heard myself say, “I will dominate the space I was born to occupy.” Dominate with diligence, dominate with excellence. Dominate with service. Now that feels powerful. It also feels right to me. Since that day, I often say this to myself as I seek to develop this mindset.

I think this story makes a facet of WHO I am visible. I believe it will help people I want to work with feel like they know, like and trust me, at that crucial time when they are deciding who to trust with their business..

Here’s another story I might tell about “We stand behind our work at J3.”

An artist we hired for a client didn’t come through for us. The client wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy. So I hired another artist to fix things, but I didn’t pass that expense on to my client. My client was happy with how things turned out.

Once again this little story about myself makes a part of WHO I am visible. Can you see how my competitors who don’t tell their stories become almost invisible to people who resonate with me because of a story they read about me?

You possess a unique and valuable asset. That asset: WHO you are. I believe that if you properly leverage this asset, people who value the kind of person you are will feel they know like and trust you before they ever meet you. It also turns out, these people, who like you, may be people you will like as well and with whom you will most enjoy doing business.

There are seven things that have always been true about marketing. If you know how to apply these truths, you know how to attract your ideal client. You will do internet marketing that works.

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