He Said, “You Also Have a Marketing Company”

Let’s catch Professor Wiggins mid lecture. He’s telling his class about a marketing seminar he attended and a huge takeaway from that experience. 

Marketing Company

“You Have Two Businesses”

“Myself, the owner of a jewelry company, and about 45 other business owners from various  industries filled the conference room that morning. We had come to the Radisson Hotel in Orange County California to spend a couple of days with marketing guru Adam Urbanski, a Polish immigrant who had come to the United states poor, turned millionaire. Seated at rows of tables, we waited like a nest full of baby birds anticipating a feast of fresh answers to burning questions.

Urbanski walked to the front of the room, paused and looked over the room. For some reason, he zeroed in on me. I was seated on the second row. He stepped through the first row and stood in front of my table.”

“Good morning professor Wiggins,” he said.

WOW, The first thing a speaker must do is capture the attention of his audience. Well, he had certainly captured mine. Not just mine though. In an instant, he had the attention of every person in the room room. When a speaker makes eye contact with one person, the whole room feels it.

I responded, “Good morning,”

“Welcome!” he said, breaking the tension with a big smile, “And welcome to all of you!”

He turned back to me, “Professor. Wiggins, when you and I spoke during our pre-conference call, you told me that you own just one business (he didn’t even look at his notes) Wiggins Jewels LTD, right? Then he looked across the room and asked, “How many of you would say, like the good professor, that you are here as the owner of a single business?” I looked around. Almost every person in the room raised a hand. The teacher smiled and said, “Perfect!”

A Marketing Company?

He tapped me on the shoulder as if to say thanks for letting him abuse me as an attention getter. He turned and moved back to the front of the room.  Then he said something that impressed me so deeply I expect I will never forget it. “Professor Wiggins, ladies and gentlemen, over the course of these days, I hope to convince you that you own not one business but two. Your first business involves the products and services you sell. You also have a marketing company that markets your first business.

The whole room responded by growing quiet and thoughtful. Our speaker waited for a moment to let this thought sink in. Then he continued.

CEO of A Marketing Company

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t deeply interested in marketing. You are to be applauded, affirmed and complimented. You already know that you must market your business. I just want to upgrade your thinking. I want you to see yourself as also the CEO of a marketing company. I want you to think like the marketing executive you are. You may think that’s asking a lot, and it is.

You are like the young mother with her first born who can’t imagine having time and energy for a second. But when she has that second child. Somehow it works out. She’s not suddenly two people, but it’s like she is twice the person she was before.

For the business owner it is not as easy for you to see your “second company” as it is for a mother to see and recognize the needs of a second child. That’s why I infuse the first session of this seminar with the thought: YOU OWN TWO COMPANIES. I want to impact your mindset.

How Your Dreams Come True Faster

In my experience, watching hundreds of business owners grow their businesses, I have noticed  how those who develop a clear vision  for their “second company,” their “marketing company” see their dreams come true much faster than those who don’t.

So, don’t be discouraged. Instead, embrace the truth. You are also the president of a marketing company. Be inspired to find a way to make that company successful.

Again, welcome! I’m glad you are here. Be assured, you are in good hands. I’m here to help you make your dreams come true. I’m here to help you with your second company, your “marketing company.”

Ok let’s take a fifteen minute break. I’ll see you back here at 10:00 sharp.”

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