Keyword Analysis

Keywords take first priority when it comes to achieving visibility for your internet marketing message. That’s because people use words to search for the stuff they want to find on the internet.

Kim noticed that the heels on George’s favorite wing-tips are badly worn. They haven’t been in town long and she has yet to spot the neighborhood shoe repair shop. Kim grabs her iPad and does a quick search for a place that repairs old shoes. She is going to tell George to drop his shoes off on his way to work. What does Kim do? She opens Google search and types, “Where can I get my shoes repaired?” That question, that phrase is called a “KeyWord”. You may find this a tad confusing. It was for me. You would think a keyword would be a word. But in SEO world, although single words like “marketing” are keywords, phrases people use and questions people ask are also called “keywords.”

The Keywords People Actually Use When They Search

Such specific “key words” and  phrases are basic to how people search for you on line.  Search engines look for those same “key words” and phrases on your web pages, social platforms and local listings.  You could say that keywords are, both, basic to how people search for you and how search engines find you. So, you should know your key words before you write your first blog or tweet your first tweet. You are going to use those keywords strategically in connection with everything you write.

How? Begin with a list of “seed” words. Think about the words you would use to search for you.

Feed those words into Google’s tools. Google will show you many other words. (One of our clients has about six key words you can think of off the top of your head, but Google tells us that people have actually used about 2000 different keywords to find their site within one year.) Google will tell you the actual keywords people use. Those are the words you should know and build around. Google’s tools even give you important information that helps you know the best words to use. Developing a great list of usable key words can take several hours, but it is worth the effort if you want to rank highly with Google.

All other things being equal, there are four criteria we measure for each key word.

1. Is this keyword consistent with the content on the page? Is there clear alignment between the keyword and the topic of the content?

2. Can we use the keyword smoothly in a sentence or a headline>

3. Is it a key word that Google says people actually use when they search for what you do?

4. Have we used the keyword before? We believe it is best to focus each page or article around a single keyword and that it is also best to use that specific keyword only once. So, each new page or article get’s a different keyword. It doesn’t hurt anything to reuse a keyword, but you may miss an opportunity to cast a broader net.

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