How to Find People Who Aren’t Looking For You

Imagine the million or so people who reside in Tucson Arizona. Tall people, small people, pretty women, handsome men, smart, dim, fat, slim. Many of them could use your services and your products. But the truth is, they don’t know you exist and THEY ARE NOT searching for you right now.  At the J3 Effect, we call that…

UNIVERSAL MARKET PLACE TRUTH #1.  Many people don’t know you exist and THEY ARE NOT searching for you.

So what is your response to UMPT #1 – You find out where your fish are swimming. You fish there by putting your message in their eyes and ears. You Advertise.


Some methods, used since Columbus discovered America, still work just about as well as they ever did. Bill Boards work because your fish still swim on roadways. Direct Mail still works because people still have mailing addresses. News paper advertising has slipped because most fish don’t swim in news print as much as they used to.


The Internet has become a favorite swimming hole for the fish you and I want to catch. There are all kinds of ways to advertise on the internet. For starters, Google has ways to help you do that. Facebook does as well.

The Stars of the Show

As this story unfolds, you will see, that THREE Universal Market Place Truths are the stars of the show.  You will notice that for each truth, there is a precise and corresponding response. The truths are universal…they have always been true. When humans inhabit the moon they will be true there too. That’s why we call them universal. Mars? Yep. and any other place in God’s great creation where humans may dwell…if there is a market place there, we contend these three truths will be true there as well.

The response to UMPT #1, humanly speaking, is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In this case you fish where fish swim by messeging the fish in some kind but interruptive way.  However, you will begin to notice as you continue to read, that some methods and strategies are different today from yesterday. No DUH here. Given the internet you can do things you couldn’t do before. In some cases, you have to do things in extremely different ways than you did yesterday, or fish you used to catch you won’t still catch.

You may well have noticed this by now and it may be a point of confussion and concern for you. This internet business is really different. The fish are the same but some one has moved your fish to a different pond and you need a totally different kind of fishing pole to fish there. Welcome to everybody’s new world. But let not your heart be troubled, as someone famous often says, a new breed of  marketing firm is here to help you navigate these troubling waters. We can help.

Three Supporting Cast Members

If you have stars, you must have supporting cast. In this case there are three. To say they support is a major understatement. They not only support, they make it happen and happen and happen and keep on happening. When you have read the first article in each of our six categories, you will have an overview of what The J3 Effect is all about. For maximum effect, blend a perfectly balanced portion of all six internet marketing elements. The Three Stars and the Three Supporting Cast. Here they are:

The Three Stars

1) Ads, 2) Web Pages, 3) Social Media…

The Supporting Cast

1) Story, 2)Optimization, 3)News Letter.


Services Available at The J3 Effect:

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