Marketing Truth #3 – MANY people DO KNOW YOU EXIST

MANY people DO KNOW YOU EXIST…Your friends, customers, vendors, and suppliers have told them about you. It might go like this if, for example,  you are a dentist. Sally says to Jane, “What are you doing today, I’m taking both of my kids to the dentist.” The conversation trails of into five minutes of  “Oh yeah, who’s your dentist? Do you like him? What do your kids think about him? YES! Word of mouth marketing happens. We call that..


Many people DO KNOW YOU EXIST…even when they were NOT looking for you, at some point, someone who knows you told them about you.

So what is your response to UMPT #3…You do everything you can do to make sure people say good things. You want a sterling and solid reputation in the market place about you.

Yesterday that was all you could do.


The  conversations you had with  your customers and the conversations they had with their friends about you were private. The effect was powerful but not far reaching.  Phone calls, party talk, things said across the back yard fence, around the water cooler and at the coffee shop went on day and night, but only the people having those conversations had access.


When people say things today, it doesn’t just go across their fence, it goes up on their wall.  Their Facebook wall.  People post, tweet, speak their minds in countless ways. The effect is powerful, and the effect is far reaching, because NOW it is possible for hundreds of people to know what was said.  Probably no day goes by that I don’t hear someone say, “On Facebook she said…”  People Facebook, people pin, people tweet and retweet.  They repeat what they heard to all their friends.  Donald Trump tweets! When Trump tweets thousands of people know it. When Trump tweets, thousands retweet.  Who cares? Evidently someone cares. One thing for sure, Trump cares. When it comes to our business and yours. We care.

Today you can know what is being said and you can join the conversation. You can reach through your friends to their friends. What you say to one of your friends can benefit all of your friends. Conversations you have with your friends can be enjoyed by  their friends. When one of your customers brags about you their friends and their friend’s friends may know about it. The opportunity is GOLDEN!

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As they say, one is known best by priorities he pursues. For me: Christ Follower first. Second, the people who call me Honey, Daddy, and Poppi at home. Third, the amazing folks who call me Boss at The J3 Effect. Finally my friends: my buds, clients and competitors. I collect friends, some of mine, the best a man could ever have. I love to learn and almost as much to write. I dig a mountain hike, with camera at the ready. Also high on the list, I enjoy a warm conversation, especially at some nearby coffee shack.