Social Media Revenue Generation – not a quick fix, but the right fix

Professor Wiggins had just started the day’s lecture on Social Media revenue generation. Mid sentence, one of those on-the-spot ideas struck his mind. After gazing out the window for a moment, he turned to his class and lecture-whispered, “Social Media works like a relationship orchard for your business.”  Social Media Revenue Generation can work for you behind the scenes while at the same time you build long term relationships in the Social Media space.

The class captivated by the moment went silent. He continued.

A well managed orchard produces truck loads of fruit every year. It works for you night and day automatically growing new crops of delicious valuable fruit. You can start small if you need to. After that, only your land sets the limit.

 It’s Not Too Late

I’ve got a story for you. A certain farmer gave each of his two sons a piece of land. That same day, he handed each boy a handful of seed. He told his two sons, “When I see your land filled with trees, I’ll give you another piece of land twice the size.” He walked off. The boys, shocked and surprised, just stood there and watched him walk away.

One son planted his seed immediately. Five years later his handful of trees produced a BUSHEL of seed. He planted those seed and a few weeks later, baby trees filled his land. The father, true to his word, deeded him a new piece of land twice the size of the land he had given him at first.

The second son saw what his brother had done. What seemed like forever five years ago, felt like yesterday now. The father saw his second son’s panic and told him this, “It is too late to plant your seed five years ago but you can plant your seed now. Its never too late to start an orchard.”

When it comes to building relationships it’s always time to start. When it comes to building business relationships on Social Media, the same is true and it can be one of the best things that ever happened for your business.

Social Media Revenue Generation…SERIOUSLY!

About that time, a hand shot up in the middle of the room.

Mr. Marana! (Sometimes Wiggins remembered students’ hometowns easier than he recalled their names.)

My dad says you can’t produce an income stream from Social Media, what do you think?

I get that a lot Mr. Marana. It is true that Social Media alone does not seem to produce a measurable revenue stream, but when you integrate it with other pieces of your Internet Marketing puzzle it can weigh in significantly.

For example: Use Social Media WITH email marketing.

To be more specific, many businesses effectively use Facebook to build their email list. They then use that list and market directly to their socially connected target audience. Here’s a quick sketch of how it works.

First, use little known tools to build your fan base. Target friends of your current fans. You want new fans but you want quality fans not just a deluge of fans with whom you have no relational connection.

Next, conduct a contest that offers both your old and new fans something they may value. If they value it highly enough, they will gladly give you their name and email address along with permission for you to contact them directly.

Finally, add these names to your regular newsletter list and also conduct special email campaigns with specific offers that produce sales.

People, it works and you can measure the results. You can calculate the return on your investment.

Obviously, as we have said, Social Media doesn’t offer an overnight solution within itself. That, however, doesn’t mean you can’t farm Social Media in the short run for more immediate results.

Just never forget, you are growing a relationship orchard! The truly spectacular possibilities require time.

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