J3 Website Development

Today we build beautiful, budget conscious, smart phone friendly, easy to edit and change,  WordPress websites.

Back in 2007, Dr. John Hughes asked me, “Johnny, what are you doing these days.” I told him that I had just incorporated my company and that we were building the “About Us Pages” for company websites…with an emphasis on story-telling. I said, “We interview and write stories that introduce the personal side of professional people. We go out and take pictures that support that story. The stories and pictures help people get to know you, like you and trust you, even before they meet you face to face.

He said, “That’s interesting, why do you think that’s important?” I said, I believe that’s important because they have only visited your website. And, your website is not the only one they will see. They are about to make that crucial decision about who they will call. I believe they are more likely to call the person they have connected with personally, even if it is a small connection. The specifics of your story are the key. It’s the specifics that people connect with. They reveal things about you that are important to your potential customer. If someone connects with you, they are not likely to call someone else. He said, “That makes sense. It’s a different way to think about the content of your website.”

Our First Website

I said, “I’ve been studying website development and I’m this close, finger and thumb nearly touching, to building the whole site using this story telling approach.

He said, “We are thinking about redeveloping our website, would you like to present to our management team.”  I said, “Yes.” Well, as they say, the rest is history

J3 still works with John’s company. Here’s a link to his website. www.saendo.com

Check it out. Try it on your computer. Try it on your mobile device. It works either way and that’s important. Mobile is huge. By the way, It is also highly optimized…comes up first position with Google, Yahoo, Bing. We meet regularly with the company’s web team. We work with them on all of their digital marketing initiatives…always improving.

TODAY! WordPress

The world of websites for small to mid sized companies has seen two huge changes. For one thing: you want the freedom to go on your site to add, fix and switch out things without calling J3 . The other big change: you want to show up at the top of Google search results. As you know, that calls for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Because of these two changes, most of the time, we develop websites using the WordPress platform. It is easy to work with. Your admin assistant, who doesn’t know a stitch code, can jump on your website and make changes. WordPress is also set up to make the detail work of SEO very straight forward.