Local Listings

Branded Local Listings Claim Set-Up and Optimize
What are local listings?
Think of them as the on-line version of the Yellow Pages.  Business directories on line. There is, in fact an online “Yellow Pages” and as you might expect, there are  many other listing sites.  You may have heard of Goolge+ Local, Yelp, Foursquare, City Search, Yahoo Local and many others.

Why should you care? There are TWO reasons.

1. SEARCH: They have become very important to search engines when it comes to local search.

2. REVIEWS.  These online versions of  “The Yellow Pages” provide people the opportunity to write reviews about you and your services. It is important that you “claim” your listing and encourage your customers to write reviews about you.

Your website is still the most important “hub” of your internet presence, but these “Local Listings” or “directories” have become huge for ranking well with Google in local search.

Sometimes, the directories will appear even higher in search results than your website.  These listing or directories are out there already. You are “listed”, but it is very important that you officially “claim” the most important ones—to optimize your visibility to search engines and to make sure your information is complete and accurate.

•Select and claim 10 local listing sites
•Gather matching icons
•Develop Citation
•Write descriptions 100, 200, and 500 words
•Accumulate 15 photos
•Accumulate 3 – 5 videos
•Grab key words
•Optimize listings and take through the verification process.

This can take many hours of effort, but it is WORTH it!