Set Up Email System

Design a colorful  branded email template.  Set up the email system.  Add email sign up form to all properties. Upload the contacts.

Publish Newsletter

A newsletter is a simple thing you can do that multiplies the effectiveness of every other marketing thing you do on line.

Three powerful benefits

First, it is a great way to give something valuable, interesting, amazing, entertaining, or inspiring to your clients, friends and prospects.

Second, The news letter lets you draw people back to the engaging fun you stir up on your Social Media sites. It lets you tell them about your latest blog post and how you wrote it just for them. I helps you announce important promotions and events you want them to know about and get in on.

Third, It helps you STAY IN TOUCH! This is gold! You know how staying in touch makes a difference in your bottom line long term.

No news letter: Sadly…people seldom if ever return to your website or your social media pages.  You quickly lose touch and leave them vulnerable to the constant marketing efforts of your competitor.

With news letter: You let them know there is something that is worth coming back for. You keep in touch! There is no other way we know of to do this outside of direct mail or actually calling them on their phone. For sure, the electronic newsletter is the most cost effective way available to develop consistent relationship building, revenue generating communication with your customers.