Fully Branded Social Media

Why Should You Use Social Media as Part of Your Online marketing?

1. To improve your standing with Google.

2. To enter the conversation. For the first time ever, marketing is no longer a one way conversation.

3. Because there are thousands of people out there that do not know you exist, but they are connected with people who do know you and care about you. Many of those caring people will engage with you on Social Media. When they do, thousands of people see it. It gives you warm and friendly visibility that you can get no other way.

•Create the basic specifically sized graphics that each outlet requires with brand coordinated design.
•Gather all of the information needed to complete the various social media profiles.
•Write SEO centric descriptions for the “about” sections.
•Set up Fully branded 1) Facebook, 2) YouTube, 3)Twitter,  4)LinkedIn 5) Google+ 6)Pinterest


Consistent Social Media Management

Your J3 team meets for collaboration and coaching twice a month to review results and progress. Goals: 1st to increase the total number of connections and 2nd to increase the engagement of with those persons. We know that when your fans take action such as liking a post, commenting on a post or sharing it, hundreds of people connected with them see it.

•At posting or making status updates each day for 5 days each week
•Interact with all engagers
•Both intentional and automated cross promoting
•Tuesday check twitter followers, refollow
•Thursday welcome new fans
•Check for newsletter report
•Pin one new post each week
•Like one new page each month
•Bi weekly team meeting for coaching and collaboration
•Share best post of the week with Newsletter director
•Work with you to build social activity from your company