ONE simple reason why people choose YOU!



And so am I. You and I tend to attract people that are like us. One of my favorite clients bought the practices of several retiring dentists over the past few years. His observation: One of the dentists was a jerk. The thing that startled me was how almost every client that came to us because of that arrangement was a jerk. Another dentist was one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. His patients were all nice people! We don’t have to work at attracting people who are like us in everyday life. It just happens. You know the ole birds of a feather cleche’. But how can you make that happen with people you’ve never met? It’s all in what you do on line, especially the way you use your website.

Tell stories:
Don’t just lay out facts, tell stories. Facts tell, but stories sell. Stories sell because they paint pictures on people’s minds. Your story paints a portrait of you. In as little as a sentence sometimes, the amazing brain of your future customer, like a blink, knows WHO you are. If you let your heart show a little, the story will touch theirs.

More importantly, stories sell you to your ideal client. Stories act as a people filter. The more transparent you are about who you are, what you believe and why you do what you do, the more precise the filter. Strike the right balance, and you fill your book with the kind of people you love to work with.

Pepper your stories with specific details.

Why, because it’s the specifics of your story that tell people that you are alike. When people search, they find many, but only choose one. If  they’re the right kind of person, you want them to choose YOU. If everyone looks the same, they have no choice but to look at something measurable such as price. But if they can detect in your stories a difference that matters to them, they will feel much better about dialing your phone. I’m sorry to tell you this: there are people out there who don’t like you. But I’m happy to tell you this: there are more people out there you were born to serve than you can take care of in a lifetime.