Two Things Not Possible Before Social Media

Two things, are now possible, that have never been possible before. Society has been swept off its feet into a new era. Clara Shih calls it the Facebook Era, Erik Qualman, Socialnomics. Some call it Web 2.0 and some simply call it Social Media.

Call it what you will. It’s huge.  It’s swift. It’s far-reaching. The change effects both our personal and business communications. The fabric of society, like it was dipped in a vat of dye, is changed forever. It’s literally the biggest societal shift since the industrial revolution dragged our bottoms from buggy benches into the driver’s seat of a Model T Ford.

1. Two-way marketing conversations
The first thing that is now possible, which has never been possible before is that your marketing can include a two-way conversation with your prospects and clients. You don’t just message your market, your market talks back. No matter what your enterprise, a two-way marketing conversation is worlds better than a one-way marketing conversation.
Traditional marketing has been constrained with the uncertainty of one way communication. We pushed our message out there in high hopes that someone would receive it and respond. Social Media has changed all of that.

2. A New Species of Relationship

It takes time to stay in touch with your friends off line especially when you are geographically  distant. In his book Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell shows how the average person can manage to keep up with about 150 or so friends.

On line, however, because you can cover more ground in the same amount of time, you can know and be known by more people. In theory this creates a different specie of relationship. You don’t know each other all that well, but you can see what’s going on with a lot more people in a lot less time.

It cuts both ways. Far more people can also keep up with you. When a marketing spark is possible, there are more people exposed to that spark and a new blaze of business relationship can begin.


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