Why Your Business Needs Facebook

Between classes, Wiggins took a  break in the shady courtyard that graces the East side of  the School of Business. A few students gathered around. They wanted to hear more about why your business needs Facebook.

“OK, I’m going to tell you something I believe is true, even though I can’t prove it.

Sally, the girl with the blond pigtails prompted, “You can’t prove it so you miiiight not mention it in classs?”

“Something like that, the Wigg grinned.”

Facebookers Include a Special Type of Facebook Fan

He continued, “I believe the greater population of avid Facebookers includes a special type of individual. Follow me here, because this special type of person will make good things happen for your business.

First, true Facebookers are different. Millions of people have Facebook accounts, but they seldom sign in. They are not true Facebookers. “Facebookers” hang out there every day. According to Facebook, as of January 2014, that’s about 750 million people, and the number is GROWING–that’s up 22% from December 2012.

But among those “Facebookers” there is a special breed of cat you want to recognize and cater too. They will MEGA HELP YOUR BUSINESS.

The blond pigtails again, “Did you say, some of these Facebookers?”

“Yes, Have you heard of Paul Revere…I’m talking about the Revolutionary War hero, ‘The British are coming, the British are coming’ Paul Revere?” I’ll use him as an example here. You’ll see why in a moment.

Most of the kids nodded.

“Well, of course, you have. Hang with me now. Paul Revere would have been a “Facebooker.” I realize that in the 1700’s Mark Zukerberg had not invented Facebook, there was no Internet and even the brightest minds had yet to imagine such.

However, the “kind” of person who enjoys Facebook today existed then and will always exist in all societies:  They are people who love to connect with other people. They collect friends like wool pants collect cat hair. Other persons look to these individuals for answers. They know stuff and love to share. Social scientists call them “influencers.” There have always been people who know lots of people and influence the way those people think and behave. There always will be these people. At the global or national level, influencers can impact an entire society. At the local level, influencers affect the people in their particular corner of the world.

These Facebook “Influencers” Can Determine the Choices People Make

Malcolm Gladwell in his awesome book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, calls these people “Connectors and Mavens.” Gladwell, referring to Paul Revere, tells how there were other people shouting about the Brit’s arrival, but it was Revere who wielded influence. When he cried out, people listened. The focus of Gladwell’s message to marketers is about how you want these connectors and mavens on your side. The influence they wield can cause what he calls a “tipping point.” On a grand scale, that influence may be so great that it makes an unknown brand explode, from obscurity to raging success. On a smaller scale, if you provide dental services for example, these influencers can determine the choice friends make when they choose their dentist.

How important are your Facebook fans?

I just read an article by Jeff Bullas where he reports that 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases.

Facebook Fans, especially this special kind of Facebook fan, influence their friends in significant ways that help you. I think this amounts to the most important reason why your business needs Facebook.
Hey, I gotta go. GO FACEBOOK!”

Wiggins headed off to his next class and the students he’d entertained scattered to their next busy event.

Should your business be on Facebook? What do you think? Should you do Internet Marketing at all? The answer to that question may be yes. If so, it will be for one or two reasons. Learn more about that. We can help.

757 million people log onto Facebook daily (DAU), which represents a 22% increase compared to December 2012 (Source: Facebook as 1/31/14) They hang out there for about an hour every day. All people are important, but true “Facebookers” are especially important to your business because of how they will help you promote your business.

Read Tipping point. But if you don’t have time to do that, check out this wonderful article by Pamela Slim. It was written in 2010, but the information is timeless.

Here’s Pamela’s GREAT ARTICLE THAT SUMS UP Gladwell’s observations concerning “connectors and mavens.”


47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases

Read more at  http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/01/17/20-social-media-facts-and-statistics-you-should-know-in-2014/#M7044pjKATTBgrJc.99


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