Your Company Has A Social Graph

Every Company has a social graph: People you know and the people they know.

· Your customers and the people those persons know.

· Your vendors and the persons these people know.

· Persons you know who also serve your target audience in a different

way than you do.

· People you and your people know and the people they know. All of your employees may become promoters of your brand.Social Media Management

· Your social graph is a picture or diagram of this massive array of connection which leads back to you through people’s friendships.

For most companies there are four important revenue issues.

1. Keeping the customers they have.

2. Selling more products and services to the customers they have.

3. Generating word of mouth advertising.

4. Acquiring new customers.


They have done everything right for years but they are stepping out of the traditional mold and becoming what Clara Shih, the author of The Facebook Era, calls a “New Breed” of company: More nimble, more in touch, with greater reach, they out compete companies that use older technologies.

For the new breed of company there are two kinds of customers or clients.

1. Those who are connected via social technology (fans).

2. Those who are not.

On the average , fans spend $71.84 more non-fans..

On the average, fans are 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using the  brand.

On the average, fans and clients are 41% more likely than non-fans to recommend the product of service to others—word of mouth advertising. (see next page for source.)

Statistics based on an extensive study (glad to provide). The companies studied were: Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, Gillette, Axo, Dove, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Skittles, Nutella, Red bull, Pringles, Playstation, Xbox, Starbucks, McDonalds. The most remarkable was McDonald’s where the average fan was worth $508.16 to 259.82. for $580,003,461-annualized. SYNCAPSE.COM


There are two powerful things social media marketing make possible that have never been possible before.

1. Never before has marketing media technology allowed for two-way communication.

2. Never before has marketing media provided access to your company’s social graph. The people you know and influence, the people they know and influence, the people they know…

· Social Media suddenly makes people in your social graph visible to you and each other. All are able to observe converse with and influence each other.


What you can do.

· You can set up a system of social media properties that work synergistically to insert you into a conversation people are already having.

· You can set up a listening post so you know what people are saying about you and your brand.

· You can provide a connection hub for your company’s social graph.

· You can reach farther; build more relationships with more people than possible any other way.

What People can do in your social media space.

· They can visit your page and see and interact with people who support your brand.

· They can become a fan of your business to show their support.

· They learn compelling things about you, your company, your people, your products and services and promotions you offer.

What we can do for you?

· We can set up and manage your social media system for you.

· We will help you build your fan base.

· Tend your system every business day for (within 24 hour response)

to people’s interaction.

· Each week, post appropriate relevant content from world wide search sources.

· Direct any technical matters or complaint issues to a designated company official.

· Make direct, personal contact with each fan at intervals you determine.

Supercharge two Business Growth Drivers


1. Social Media gives you real time, vibrant, relational exposure to a vast number of people who connect back to you through people they know like and trust, than ever before possible.

2. Keeps you “top of mind” with your customers, your vendors, your friends and strategic alliances.

3. Creates more “Touch Points” than possible any other way for less outlay.

4. Your aggressively managed social media presence makes it possible for you to insert yourself effectively into the conversation that is already going on.


1. Unique to every other sort of media, Social Media has unlimited shelf-life because it is relationship-building based not marketing-campaign based.

2. Your relationship with your entire connection base grows deeper and stronger over time.

3. Your customers who are fans are more likely to purchase more of your products and services than your non-fans.

4. They are more likely to stay with your brand than non fans.

5. They are far more likely to recommend you to others.

6. Your visible influential relationships lead naturally to your acquisition of new customers.

7. Who knows, it might even make a difference when some customer is deciding who they are going to pay first.

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