System Maintenance

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. Monthly Report & meeting:

To begin we have to understand your company and what you want to accomplish. Together, we set goals for the results you would like to see. Each month, we provide and review a report on your progress. Together, we make adjustments to continually improve your impact.

This includes:

•Website statistics concerning your traffic, and the source of your traffic
•Social media statistics that show the percentage of fan engagement and resulting exposure
•Newsletter statistics that shows open rate and click through rate plus what gets clicked
•Tracking phone stats…how many calls from your internet system, how long the calls lasted
•List of social properties
•List of Local listings

We collaborate on future content development plans.

General Maintenance: You want something changed, added, removed, a quick phone call to J3 and it’s done, most of the time within 24 hours.

Each month, any unused “System Maintenance” funds roll over to the next month.