How People Find You When They are Searching For You!

Given the fact that  about a million people live in Tucson, we believe it is safe to say that many people, at this very moment are searching for a business like yours. They need your service, your product. Perhaps they are new to Tucson, or have simply been living under a rock, but they don’t know you exist. Many people, however, who don’t know you, are actively searching for you right now. At The J3 Effect we call that…


Your response to this truth, since you are a smart dude or dudette, is to make yourself present in the place where people search.


That would be The Yellow Pages.  People let their “fingers do the walking.”  You may have been born early enough to have heard that long-lived tag line.  In that day, not so long ago, if you were alive, you had a copy of this hefty dog-eared volume called The Yellow Pages. EVERY ONE dragged it out and searched it through when they needed to find something. People used it to look up places they knew about and they used it to search for places they didn’t know about but needed to find. EVERY ONE! The book was full of listings and advertisements. Companies spent astounding amounts of money on full page ads that would help them stand out from all the rest. If you wanted to last in the marketplace, you made sure you were in the Yellow Pages.

Some people, and it is a wonderful thing, still use the Yellow Pages. They prefer it for some reason, or they have to use it because they don’t know how to turn on a computer. May God bless those people, and He does.  But unless you are one of those characters who have been living under a rock, you know there are fewer of those people fingering those pages with every passing day. Truly, the Yellow Pages is so very yesterday. There are people, this may be hard to believe, who have never used the Yellow Pages. They don’t own a copy. Their clan grows mightier every day.


It’s all about  Web Pages. People “Google” stuff.  It’s kind of funny how some nouns morph into verbs. Don’t you think? When I say people “Google”, I should  say MOST people “Google.” They google with a computer.  Today, thanks to the two big A’s–Apple and Android–about half of those searches are performed on a mobile devise.  That’s why this website is “Responsive”, that’s what they call it, to mobile searches. If you search for  The J3 Effect. com on your iPhone or Adroid devise,  you will get a special version of this web site especially designed for your devise. Mighty cool.

Where does Google take you when you search? One place.  There is only one place you can go on the web and that is to some kind of web page. So today, web pages are as important to your marketing presence as Yellow Pages were yesterday.


About Johnny Wyatt J3

As they say, one is known best by priorities he pursues. For me: Christ Follower first. Second, the people who call me Honey, Daddy, and Poppi at home. Third, the amazing folks who call me Boss at The J3 Effect. Finally my friends: my buds, clients and competitors. I collect friends, some of mine, the best a man could ever have. I love to learn and almost as much to write. I dig a mountain hike, with camera at the ready. Also high on the list, I enjoy a warm conversation, especially at some nearby coffee shack.