Why Should You Choose the J3 Effect

There are many companies who list this same portfolio of services, so, why should you call The J3 Effect? There are three reasons you should call us. First, because we are more motivated by the dream of elegant results than our own financial profit. Do we make a profit, of course, otherwise we don’t get to keep our doors open. The thrill of the hunt for us, however, is getting results for you. Second, because of the way we organize to serve you. You won’t have an account executive working with you who is basically a sales professional, you will have a dedicated team of three marketing operatives backed by an array of highly trained j3 certified specialists who’s mission critical is making you successful. Third, you should choose us because of the way we think about Internet Marketing. There’s nothing new in what we think about, but our fundamentals approach…how we think about Internet marketing, is one of a kind.


FIRST, INTEGRATE: Tie It All Together
There was a day when a website was all you needed to get your share of the business, but today you must build and integrate all the pieces. You must form a sizable digital footprint in order to compete in almost any industry. We build a system of interconnected, interdependently integrated parts: the wheels, the drive train, the engine, then we put in the gas. The wheels turn, and the leads come rolling in.


SECOND, FOCUS: Do the Fundamentals 
Elegant marketing has always been and always will be about making three things happen. First, you make your self visible to your potential customer. Second, you engage their interest. Finally, you get them to act. We call it the “three pillars of marketing,” the three legs of the “marketing stool.” You need all three legs or it won’t stand. Many companies have websites and social media in place but they produce no marketing results. Why? Something is missing. Assuming it looks good and everything is set up properly, one or all of these “three pillars” is missing. If, however, you take care to do what it takes to make yourself visible, exert the energy to engage, and put simple devices in place that encourage people to take action, your marketing stool won’t just stand, it will run. I have to admit, it’s pretty hard to imagine a running stool, but that is exactly what you and I both want.


This excites us no end at the J3 Effect because this is how Internet marketing makes you money. However you must understand: Different properties require different process.


A web page for example: To make it visible to your potential customer, you use key words in a strategic way. Incidentally you use them one way for Google’s “organic” or unpaid search results. You use them in a different way when you run a paid ad campaign.  To engage people, you write a great headline, which draws your reader into to a fast fun read, on a subject that matters to the audience you are trying to reach.  For the action “pillar,” you ask your reader do something and you give them in irresistible reason to do it. Never waste a web page by not motivating a simple action that takes your reader to a landing page where you offer them something they want in return for something you want.


Social Media: you address these same “three pillars,” but you do it in an entirely different way. For one thing, you keep it very social. If you act “salesy,” and many make this mistake, you do so at your own peril. But if you do it right, Social Media can accomplish real revenue generating goals.


On line advertising: When you advertise using Google or Facebook ads, you again think in terms of visibility, engagement and action, but yet again, in other different ways.


Great coaches emphasize fundamentals. This here, my friend, is the fundamentals of marketing. You can read a thousand articles, attend a jillion seminars, hear and see until your eyes glaze over, but when it’s all said and done it all boils down to these three things: Visibility, Engagement, Action. Build them into every marketing move you make on the Internet and the Internet will work for you.



It was on a Monday morning in 2007. We were having breakfast at Clair’s, a quaint locally owned restaurant in Catalina, Arizona. It was the day I met Stan Hustad, a wise executive coach I went on to work with for a season. He said this to me, “The future belongs to the storyteller.” He went on to explain, “Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of business communication…and it’s making a comeback.” Something inside me believed he was right and that storytelling was going to be one of the tools in my kit. Shortly after that, Annette Simmons rocked the stoginess of corporate America with “The Story Factor.” She basically said the same thing. She showed how the business leader actually needs six different kinds of stories. Then, she gave this striking instruction. “Use specifics,” She said. “It’s the specifics in your story that allow people to see that you are like them.” People prefer to do business with someone they trust. When they see you are like them their trust in you begins.


Like Stan said, “Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of business communication.” That’s because storytelling activates the minds eye and reaches the heart.


Stories make you see, stories paint pictures before your mind’s eye.
Stories make you feel, stories leave an emotional imprint.


Why is this important in business communication?


People remember what they see.
People act based on what they feel.


People want to make a great buying decision. So, help people “see” the difference that matters to them.


There are many groups out there who list the same services, but at the J3 Effect, we think differently about what we do. If the way we think works with how you think, you are the kind of client we are looking for. We are the kind of provider you need.


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